MATURANDO (Potassium and Phosphorus)

Potassium and Phosphorus

EC Fertilizer
Solution fertilizer PK 15-20 with Boron, Manganese & Zinc.

MATURANDo is a fluid fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium,obtained from the best raw materials. Thanks to its formulation,containing a high percentage of EDTA-chelated micronutrients,the absorbency of the product is faster. The presence of chelatedmicroelements,more over, makes the nutrients available at intervals ofpH between 4.5 and 7.5, avoiding useless waste of nutritional elementsthat would be otherwise unstable. The product doesn’t containsulfates, carbonates and chlorides and can be used both in leaf androot application. MATURANDO can be applied during the phases ofgrowth and ripening of the fruits and it will show an immediatepositiveeffect on the quality and quantity of the treated crops.When applied during the phenological phases of fruit colouring andripening, it improves the first and second layer of colouring; itenhancesthe metabolic synthesis of the sugars and consequently thesapidity of the fruits. MATURANDO contains also potassium andphosphorus, which are responsible for the sugars synthesis and thedevelopment of fruit and vegetables perfumes.

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Trees, Grape, Citrus 250-350ml/ 100 Kg 45-60L/Ha
Horticulture & Greenhouse culture 250-350ml/ 100 Kg 45-60L/Ha
Specialised Plant Nutrition

Specialised Plant Nutrition

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