MAGNICAL (Magnesium & Calcium)

Magnesium & Calcium

EC Fertilizer
Fertilizer NK (CaO-MgO) 9-6 (10-2) with Boron
MAGNI CAL is a nitrogen potassic fertilizer, that is specifc forplant disease control (apical rot in tomatoes, dried leaves incucumber,Tip Burn in lettuce, pick pocks in apple, rot in strawberry, fennelandcelery).
MAGNI CAL has a very low salty content, it is not toxic for crops anditneeds only 3-6 hours to enter into the plant.
It can be used many times during the vegetative cycle.

<tdstyle="vertical-align: middle;="" height:="" 32px;=""text-align:="" center;="">CROPS<tdcolspan="2" style="vertical-align: middle; text-align: center;">FOLIARAPPLICATIONDOSES

Grape 1.5-2.5ml/L
Olive 2.5-3.0ml/L
Pomaceous 1.5-2.5ml/L
Actinidia 1.5-2.5ml/L
Drupaceous 1.5-2.5ml/L
Citrus 1.5-2.5ml/L
Ornamental plants 1.5-2.5ml/L
Nursery 1.5-2.5ml/L
Strawberry 1.5-2.5ml/L
Horticulture 1.5-2.5ml/L
Specialised Plant Nutrition

Specialised Plant Nutrition

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