MICRAP ZINCO 15 (Zinc Chelate EDTA)

Zinc Chelate EDTA

EC Fertilizer
Zinc Chelate (EDTA)
MICRAP ZINCO 15 is a formulation containing zinc chelated with EDTA, that can be used for foliar treatments, in order to prevent and treatzinc deficiency in plants.
Zinc increases the production of tryptophan, an amino acid that is aprecursor of the synthesis of the indole-3-acetic acid and regulates the plants growth.
This micronutrient improves both quality and quantity of the production.

Apple 1-1.5 kg/ha
Pear 1-1.5 kg/ha
Peach 1-1.5 kg/ha
Plum 1-1.5 kg/ha
Apricot 1-1.5 kg/ha
Cherry 1-1.5 kg/ha
Citrus 1-1.5 kg/ha
Grape 1-1.5 kg/ha
Actinidia 1-1.5 kg/ha
Horticulture 1-1.5 kg/ha
Floriculture and
1-1.5 kg/ha
Nursery 1-1.5 kg/ha


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Specialised Plant Nutrition

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