MICRAP CU 9L (Copper Chelate 9% EDTA)

Copper Chelate

EC Fertilizer
Copper Chelate EDTA
MICRAP Cu 9L is a formulation made with copper chelated with EDTA, that is applied in foliar treatments in order to prevent and heal
copper deficiency in the plants.
Copper is fundamental for the breathing processes and for the ascorbic-oxydase, cytochromeoxydase, polyphenoloxydase. Acting on
these enzymes, MICRAP CU 9L catalyzes the synthesis of the anthocyans.
The symptoms of copper deficiency are punctiform canker on the leaf edges, early phylloptosis and apical dryness.

Cropes Application Rate
Apple 75- 100 ml /100L
Pear 75- 100 ml /100L
Peach 75- 100 ml /100L
Plum 75- 100 ml /100L
Appricot 75- 100 ml /100L
Cherry 75- 100 ml /100L
Citrus 75- 100 ml /100L
Grape 75- 100 ml /100L
Actinidia 75- 100 ml /100L
Horticulture 75- 100 ml /100L
Floticulture ant Ornamental 75- 100 ml /100L
Nersery 75- 100 ml /100L


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