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Solution Of Calcium Chloride
MICRAP CALCIO is a liquid fertilizer, rich in calcium and mixed with anorganic matrix of very high quality.
The formulation of MICRAP CALCIO guarantees the mobility and circulation of calcium.
Calcium has a fundamental function in neutralizing organic acids; it also takes part in the metabolism, regulating the colloidal state ofthe protoplasm, acting – in contrast with potassium – on the processesthat regulate transpiration and water balance, favouring plasmcontraction and decreasing water absorbency.
It is essential for cells division; it enters as an enzyme constituent, the maltase; it is important for the growing of meristems and it is required in great quantities by the plant during the formation of pollen.
A lack of calcium may cause a decrease of the meristems growth, a delayin the young leaves development, that may appear deformed and chloroticand then necrotize on the edges.

Fruit trees, Citrus, Grape Before fowering, fruit growth 1.8 - 2.2 ml/L
Horticulture in open
feld and greenhouse
After transplant, growth
(2-3 applications)
1.8 - 2.2 ml/L

2 bio

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Specialised Plant Nutrition

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