HYDRO ALGA (Marine Algae)

Marine Algae

HYDRO ALGA is a product made up of the 100% of marine algae Ecklonia maxima, which are manufactured at low temperatures. This product also contains several stimulant substances, such as natural phyto-hormones, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides. HYDRO ALGA can be used as growth promoter because it stimulates the development of plants, by enhancing their physiological activity. In general, its use increases the yields, lengthens the period of maturation and of fruit storage, improves the germination of seeds, helps root development, enhances plant resistance to stress, reduces significantly the deterioration of chlorophyll, by improving cellular metabolism and contributes to the decrease of salty stress. We advice to use HYDRO ALGA together with fertilizers, phytosanitary products and weedkillers of which it improves the translocation inside the plant.

Crops Instructions for use Application rates
Grape 5 interventions: sprouting, before flowering, grain formation, before bunch closure, 4 weeks before harvesting Foliar Sprays 1.5 - 2.5 ml/L
Olive 3 interventions: flower buds, after sprouting, olive growth
Pomaceous, Drupaceous 4 interventions: flower buds, after sprouting, fruit growth, 20 days after the previous treatment
Vegetables 3- 4 interventions: 8-10 days after the transplant
Fertigation: L. 4.5-5.5 per ha mixed with common water-soluble fertilizers.



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