Humic Extracts From Leonardite

HYDRO FULVIC is a fluid formulation with a high concentration of fulvic acids, which are extracted from an accurately selected source.
This product improves the characteristics of the soil, favouring the cationic interchange and the absorption of the nutritional elements, thanks to the carboxylic and phenologic groups, which form chelates.
HYDRO FULVIC has different relevant functions, acting both on the roots and directly on the vegetation:
• Control of the processes of mineralization, avoiding the accumulation of salt
• Increase of the radical apparatus
• Improvement of the germination of the seeds
• Better growth of stems, buds and leaves.
• Improvement of the absorption of the iron chelate in basic and alkali soils


Fruit trees 15 – 25
Horticulture 15 – 25
Citrus 15 – 25
Grape and actinidia 20 – 25
Strawberry 15 – 25
Floriculture and ornamental 15 – 25


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Specialised Plant Nutrition

Specialised Plant Nutrition

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