Our Vision
To be an institution which is not limited as the best just in our country but also a leader in international area. Beside, to be remain as a leader with the every scientific service that we offer and the quality. And also beside to being leader, always keep the leadership.
Our Mission
Use the sources as rational, reduce the losses, increase the efficiency, reduce the costs, provide to our customers with quality and aesthetical products, principled, work as planned and systematically, consider the satisfaction of customer.

Specialised Plant Nutrition

Specialised Plant Nutrition

AlimentAgro offers solutions to plant nutrition and fertilisation for extremely demanding and intensive crops


Plant nutrition requires modern, innovative and effective products AlimentAgro using expertise, produces and distributes water-soluble and foliar fertilizers of high-quality


Speccialised and innovative products which aim to be used in intensive crops which demand high-standard nutrition


Supported by young and dynamic staff, it is ready to meet the growing needs of crops in high-tech products. Using hi-tech products it can offer nutrition solutions which meet its customers' needs

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