POTASA NEUTRA (Potassium) 1L


Fertilizer EC

Solution Of Potassic Salts At Low Chlorine Content

POTASSIO 30 is a liquid fertilizer, produced with raw materials of very high quality, rich of potassium. This element has a fundamental role in sugars and proteins metabolism, carrying on different enzymatic and catalytic activities. It also affects the sugar content of fruits – lowering their acidity for saturation and raising the content of glucose – and affects the lignification.
Potassium’s lack generally causes: disorders in protein synthesis, with consequent slowdown of ripening; drying up of leaves margins and growing points; production of small-sized fruits, which become less conservable and colourless; and also a lesser branches lignification that determines a lower cold resistance.


Grape, drupaceous, pomaceous, olive, citrus 2-3 applications: at gruit growth and ripening 40 – 60
Horticulture, floriculture, nursery, turf 2-3 applications: during the whole cultivation cycle 20 – 25
Industrial crops, cereals 3-4 applications: during the whole cultivation cycle 20 – 35


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